“Jon Bradley and his team of BWK coaches are by far the best soccer coaches my kids have experienced! It’s not just about teaching soccer skills – its about how they teach the kids. My boys have fun and learn soccer skills, team building, and sportsmanship. Jon encourages the kids, even the most hesitant player, and gets them out on the field having fun. I have 3 boys and we have tried several different programs and the BWK approach truly gives the kids individual attention, encouragement, and most of all, makes sure that they are all having fun. Jon has worked with all his coaches to make sure they all have this approach. I have never been disappointed by any of his staff and we have done several of their soccer programs and even had them do a birthday party! The party was by far one of our most successful — they got 22 five-year-olds running around my backyard all playing soccer, even the ones who told their moms they did not want to play — and everyone had a blast! We all adore Coach Jon!” —Deborah List, Stamford mom of 3 boys

“I recommend BWK to everyone. They do an amazing job of working with all ages to make soccer fun and exciting for all. Soccer with Friends is especially unique as it allows your child to play with his / her friends in their own neighborhood on their own turf. The coaches are especially adept at working with children of multiple ages and levels. We love it!” —Sharon Lemberger, Stamford mom of 3 children